28 November 2013

Sad news

Hello readers,

I have some sad news to pass on.

Razin had to be put down on November 20 due to the sudden onset of severe health issues.
Two weeks earlier he had been diagnosed with a bladder blockage.
We rushed him to the vet, and he was unblocked just in time. This stopped his bladder from rupturing. We then changed his diet and made things as easy as possible for him, all the while praying for his recovery.
He began to recover. I (his mum) slept in the lounge with him (he liked snuggles), because he wasn't allowed in the bedrooms any more!
Then two days before he needed to be put down, his blockage returned and he became a sad kitty, not wanting to be with his family. I knew there was something wrong, and i had a suspicion that no amount of money and vet trips would solve the problem.
The vet agreed with me that, due to the blockage, he was very highly likely to be suffering the start of kidney failure.
So, after saying our goodbyes, Mr Razin Kasheikh was put down.
He is buried in the front yard under a yellow rose (to match his eyes).
He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. He was a loving and cheeky kitty.
I miss him greeting IIS at the door when we came home. I miss him walking up the side of the bed for night time snuggles and warmth sharing. I miss him coming running into the kitchen asking for food. I miss his wrestling moves, and watching him bash up the dog!

However, Razins death will not be the last thing you read on this blog!
We will be getting 2 kitties sometime in the not too distant future! The house feels somewhat empty without the presence of a cat! :)

So, watch this space for updates on when the newest cats arrive! And thank you for reading Razins blog!

Razzys mum.

20 February 2013


It is my opinion that ALL dogs AND dog owners show deep and lasting respect to ALL cats!
My human is putting the dog through intense training at the moment! The dog is learning that he is not even allowed to peep at a cat while out walking! (Personally, I'm all for those little shock collars that give a little zap when doggy mis-behaves!) He is learning (slowly, I might add) that he is demanded to show respect to kitties the world over! He is not allowed to chase, play with, bark at, whimper for or look at any cat while out walking!
And if what he says is true, then there are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood! (I wouldn't know because I'm not allowed out of my yard during the day and I'm not allowed outside at night! This is of course for my safety!)
The dog, of course, likes telling tails of horrible bashings to within inches of his life - he must recover from his wounds very quickly because by the time I see him at around 9am, he looks fully recovered from his hour walk at 6am! So, of course, I dont believe him!
I do sometimes wish that I could be allowed to teach all dogs to have respect for cats! Its just not possible and I would wear myself out doing so! So, we cats ask you dog owning humans to have and teach great respect for all us cats!

Master Kasheikh

25 January 2013

The well travelled cat

This week has certainly been a week for stress! I'm not sure I can take too much more of this!

Actually, it started earlier than this! Quite a few days ago a car full of people arrived, and they brought their dog! My human did warn me and she said I had every right to instil I the fear of cat into the dog! But this was just not possible! The dog was full of fear and very stupid! But the dog wasn't the problem! It was the children that came with the dog! When I say children, I include the two who claim to be adults! I smacked them both and all the other children, and none of them got the message! My human said that I would be ok. And she did do her best to make the children leave me alone! However, when they left, they forgot to take a child with them! This boy tried to be "nice" to me, but his nice is not the same as my nice. He kept asking my human why I smacked him! He just didn't get it!

My human, it seems, had arranged to take the boy home! When my human said it was time for the boy to go, I was more then pleased! But then she said I was coming with her! I did wonder what came over her! I was put into the car and we left! I travelled in style, under the front seat! That way I couldn't get disturbed by the boy!

I spent some time at the beach. My human insisted that I would be best off in my carry pouch! So I obliged her and got in! She took me to the beach! Not the most pleasant place for a cat! The worst bit was when a dog came to visit me! I survived because my human stopped it coming too close! We finally left there and headed for our next destination! Dread-Ville! With my humans child there, there were five children! Not good! I also had to sleep outside! Not good! My human did everything she could to make me comfortable! But I was not happy! The next morning I was minding my own business when I was surrounded by 4 children and mobbed! They tormented me, and wondered why I hissed at them and tried to smack them with my claws! They thought it was a game. My human didn't think it was a game. Her child went and told her that I was being tormented, and she came out and threatened to kick the butt of any child how dared go near me! And if any child were to be found tormenting me, she would deal with them severely! As a consequence the children scattered, things were packed into the car, I was put in the car and we left! Without the boy! I was very relieved that we left there!

At our next destination, I spent some time relaxing in the garden! This made me happy!

From there we went to where we would be sleeping! And this time I was allowed inside! Granted I was confined to the one room, but I was inside near my human! She fell asleep comforting me on the bed! I was much happier there! I was even allowed to go and explore the next morning! I met the resident cat... Not a very chatty one! She hissed at me! Apparently she does that to every new person she meets! Including her humans! It wasn't long that I heard the words, "come on kiss, its time to go home!" Music to my ears! I climbed in the car, setteld in and slept most of the way home!

Once home, Oreo decided that he missed me! I was super excited to be home and he was extremely super excited to see everyone, so excited in fact that he got sent to his house! I relaxed inside, and I found my appetite! And I was also treated to a small dish of milk!

I've been told that my human man, went shopping this morning, and he got me fresh meat! My humans have been very concerned for my wellbeing! Although, I do hope I dont go back to that house full of children! My humans weren't very happy with the way I was treated!

I'm home now, and I can relax on the veranda!

I have been told that I will be going camping sometime soon! I dont mind camping! Especially when its with my humans friends, they treat me well and give me small treats and pats! :) This kind of attention is good for a cat! And when we camp, the dog comes too! I think I might be looking forward to it!!


5 January 2013

Disappearing act

Ah, what a day! I lazed around in the shade and considered the idea of bashing the dog! Then night fell and my human man decided to bring me inside! Obviously they forgot that one window was open, because they forgot to close it! Its closed now of course! I decided to take my leave and have a night time exploration without my harness and lead! I had much fun, until Oreo jumped on me. I came to my human lady (via bashing Oreo) but as I would get near her, he would wave his daft dog feet at me! So so I would have to run off so I wouldn't get squished! My human man put Oreo onto the veranda to keep him out of my way! Oreo decided that he would be an inside dog... Boy did he get yelled at! Then I was brought inside! And Oreo was half carried half dragged outside! What a night! My human lady was so frantic for me! The neighbours are having a party and there are cars coming and going! She feared for my saftey! I guess God heard her prayers because I am now safe inside the house!

Mmm-purr-rrrrr Razin.

7 November 2012

Mmm...meat and discussions about special things for ME!

My human... She did this wonderful thing for me today... She got me some fresh raw meat. And apparently I have a second meals worth of it! I decided that I no longer wanted fish. So it was fed to Oreo, who is more than happy to eat whatever comes his way!
I got fresh chunks of beef that were originally supposed to go into my humans dinner! The sacrifices that my humans make for my enjoyment and pleasure amaze me!

They've been discussing the design and location for a thing that they call a cat run! The latest discussion involved a new idea about where to have it and how big... Its going to be great for me! I'll be able to go outside when ever I want and I won't need my harness! Oreo won't be able to try to squish me, I'll be safe and able to have fresh air whenever I want! Even at 3am!!! :) It just needs to be built now!

2 November 2012

ahhh... what a good show

My human took me out the front this afternoon, where I got front row seats to the spectical of Oreos shower!

My human complained that she could smell the dog before she could see him, yesterday... So this afternoon she did something about it!

Oreo was chained to the front fence, the dog shampoo was brought out, the hose plugged in and turned on! For a water dog, he didn't really like getting wet and continually tried running away!

The look on his face was classic when the shampoo was applied! It smells of tea-tree. Not the most pleasant smell to dogs or cats, but a great smell to human noses!

Then it was time to rinse! He hated it! Its the first shower that he has ever had! In the past he has been bathed in the bath tub in the bathroom! But apparently (according to my human who whitnessed it) Oreo trashed the bathroom and thus got himself banned from being in the house! It seems he is like his mother, who got herself banned from being inside the house for peeing on the floor!

As a cat and therefore, higher species, I know better to treat my humans house like a litter box! I use the box they provide for me (which is wonderfully changed every two days by my human man!)

Oreo has a lot to learn about how to treat humans!

Mmmm...purr...rrrrr Kasheikh

My human - she cares for me!

She rescued me from the dogs attacks this morning and now he's sulking in his dog box which he is calling "solitary confinement"... If he bothered to check he'd find that he still has access to half or more of the yard! He just cant reach me! Which is good because I need to recover from his cruel stupidity!

My human showed how much she cares for me. She gently checked me over to make sure I have no more wounds, and the one on my head is starting to heal nicely! I'm feeling a bit bruised and sore. But other than that, I'm ok!

My human made sure both my water dishes were full, she topped up my biscuit dish, she scrubbed my plate and gave me some fresh food and then she treated me to some baby spinach leaves! And she gave me lots and lots of gentle hugs!

I appreciate her effort to keep me safe and happy!

I have no idea where Oreo got the idea that if I bite my human I will get put down! If that were the case then I would have been put down before I even came home! I bit her and scratched her so much that day, but she still loved me and treated me to fresh meat, warm milk, fresh water, biscuits and hugs! She puts up with me waking her at "ridiculous hours of the night", while I play with my toys and my human childs toys! She allows me to snuggle next to her and keep her awake by purrrring in her ear! I doubt i will ever find myself on the receiving end of my last needle given to me by the vet!

My human is the best thing that happened to me! I doubt I would have survived my first winter! My human loves me!

Mmmm-purr-rrrrr Kasheikh

1 November 2012

Hello Humans...

Hahahaha – I just read Oreos latest blog post and I laughed so hard that I would have fallen off a chair had I had my delicate bottom parked on one! Oreo doesn't believe that I'm an Emperor! He says its “self proclamation”! Maybe I should have tried a little harder and given him a piercing! Then he would either look really cool, really scary or down right stupid! (I'll opt for the latter).

Of course he did do an excellent job of keeping the trick or treaters away – although it was far from peaceful!! His bark ringing out through the night! Oh well!

Anyway – back to my “self proclamation” of being an Emperor... As a dog, Oreo is naturally a lower species. And as a cat, I am a higher species! My human has proven that time and time again! I get the good food and Oreo eats the scraps off my plate! Therefore I am his Emperor whether he likes it or not!
  • Does he have a delicate bottom that needs to be gently sat on the softest of cushions? No he does not! He is perfectly happy to throw himself down onto the concrete!
  • Does he have the right to sleep on our humans bed whenever he wants? No – he's not even allowed in the house!
  • He is left off his chain because he is replaceable, whereas I am not replaceable, so I have a harness and lead!
  • Does he get ham and other yummy snacks offered to him? No – he gets the scraps and stale bread thrown at him! Yes he gets bones and meat – but the meat is not fit for human consumption. I get given morsels that are fit for human consumption!
There is a difference between Oreo and I... He lives outside and I live inside! Therefore I AM his Emperor and I must rule over him!

Mmmm-purr-rrrr Kasheikh

24 October 2012


My human... She's, well... she can get overly concerned about me! Let me explain...

I was feeling a little cold last night, so requested that I be wrapped in a warm blanket... After I got comfortable I went to sleep, only to be disturbed every half an hour or so. She had to check on me! She thought I was sick or something! When she finally decided to go to bed herself I was left to sleep in peace!

Today I tried my hardest to let her know that I really want some more fresh meat... tinned food is great, but I really need some fresh meat! I hope she understood my message! I guess I'll make my point a little clearer tomorrow!

My other human today read a "story" about how to wash the cat and the toilet at the same time!! Not very kind or cat friendly if you ask me! And if Oreo ever hears about it - then I will strongly suggest to my human (who said she would never stuff me down the toilet) that she give Oreo the biggest "bath" he's ever had! He needs it - he stinks! But then, what dog doesn't??

Master Razin.

18 October 2012

bragging brainless dog

Oreo made a stupid comment to me the other day... He said "Our bosses don't trust you to stay home, that's why they tie you up!" But, I know the real reason they keep me put me in my harness and lead every morning, its to keep me safe! And then I told Oreo... "my humans keep me on a harness with a lead to keep me safe, they know that I'm in danger if I'm no longer attached to my lead, whereas, Oreo the dog is not so much cared about, he is hardly ever on his chain, because my humans don't care if he wanders off and gets lost!" Oreo didn't much appreciate this and wandered off to sulk!!

So what did he do to me this morning, he tied himself up in my lead and pulled me outside. But he got yelled at! Serves him right for being nasty to me!

Master Razin.